UI Key Personnel

Prof. Dr. Erman Rajagukguk is UI's senior expert on economic law matters, and as such one of Indonesia's leading experts in the area. He studied law at the University of Indonesia (S.H.) and the University of Washington (LL.M., Ph. D.). Since 1998 he has had senior level responsibility for Indonesian law reform efforts first as the Director General for Law and Legislation (Dirjen KUMDANG) within the Ministry of Justice and more recently as Indonesia's Deputy Cabinet Secretary (WASEKAB). . He possesses an insider's familiarity with law reform process within government, particularly in changing economic law areas like the new competition law and supervision of the newly created bankruptcy court through membership on the Commercial Court Steering Committee. Prof. Rajagukguk is also head (Ketua) of the UI Graduate Law Program at Salemba and LSHE at Depok.

Prof. Dr. Hikmahanto Juwana is an economic law specialist and leading member of the rising generation of Indonesian legal academics. He studied law at UI (S.H.), Keio University, Japan (LL.M.) and the University of Nottingham, England (Ph.D.). During 2000-2001 Prof. Juwana served as an echelon one legal adviser to the Indonesian Coordinating Minister for the Economy and as outside legal advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Attorney General's Office. He is a member of the Ministry of Justice's Dewan Pacar.

Prof. Harkristuti Harkrisnowo is a criminologist and senior UI Law Faculty member, leading the UI Center for the Study of Human Rights. She studied law at the University of Indonesia (S.H., LL.M.) and criminology at Sam Houston State University (M.A., Ph.D.). Since 1999 Prof. Harkrisnowo has been a member of the National Law Commission and remains a frequent commentator in national media on the Indonesian legal system and law reform issues. She has also worked within government as an echelon one official in the short-lived Ministry of Human Rights, and is a leading Indonesian authority on human rights, women's issues and a broader range of social concerns touching on such areas as corruption, the police and judicial performance. She has also been actively involved in DPR work since 2000 both for LFIP and separately on behalf of UI.

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